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The CIP Program and Consumers: Rigorous Courses and Committed Learners.

The CIP Program is a key school-to-work transition program for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry.

The program is rigorous, with many classes equivalent to college- or university-level courses; it takes an average of several years to successfully complete the CIP Program.

Interest High

67% of P&C professionals without a CIP designation are likely to take a course in the next year. 97% of employers provide some form of support for the CIP designation.

Industry Coverage

17,000 graduates, 18,542 students are enrolled in the program; combined, they account for a large share of the 118,000 people employed in the P&C industry.


73% of employers agree that the CIP Program increases the quality of P&C industry services.

Customer Trust

The CIP Program increases customer trust; 47% of employers believe that a CIP designation for employees is either very or extremely beneficial in this regard.


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