Chartered Insurance Professionals (CIPs) are Employees of Choice

As a CIP, you can be assured employers across Canada know you’ve completed a rigorous program of study and have a wealth of industry-specific knowledge. Based on a recent independent survey by The Conference Board of Canada, your CIP designation significantly increases your value to p&c insurance employers across all industry careers. Your hard work and dedication were definitely well worth it.

Be assured: most employers prefer CIPs

According to a survey conducted by The Conference Board of Canada in May 2015, the vast majority of insurance industry employers want their employees to have or to earn the CIP designation.

On average, CIPs are better paid

According to the survey, those who hold a CIP designation can expect to earn, on average, about $8,000 more a year than their colleagues with a similar level of experience—but no CIP designation.

For more details, read this excerpt from the survey itself.

A CIP Perspective

As a graduate of the CIP program, I have the education and knowledge that has not only helped me to excel in my current role, but has provided me with the basis to excel in almost every facet of the industry.

Michael Kristolaitis, claims advisor, CIP graduate

Hear from an HR professional about how the CIP can help your career: